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Author: Suresh V Shankar

Shashank Manohar boomerangs on the BCCI

The recent spate of news about the ICC revenue distribution model, its rightness, the revenge of other cricket boards, Manohar…

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A moral dilemma for the day after: Trump’s failure. Or success? Which is worse?

The day after. A question. I look for an answer. It should be easy. But it isn’t as easy as…

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The death of search and the rise of choice engines

Some 16 odd years ago, Google made search engines famous and ubiquitous. It’s sell-by date has come. Think about it….

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How does a Choice Engine overcome the choice problems?

In my last post, we discussed the growing need for a new kind of Choice Engine to solve the defining…

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Search vs Choice – A new type of engine for a new kind of age!

15 years ago, the defining problem of the Internet age was how I find the information I need? This gave…

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The Paradox of Big Data… or Why Data is Misery

We’ve heard it shouted from every rooftop recently– big data is the next big thing, we’re a data-driven company, data…

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Big Data – Hype, Reality, Bill Gates and the Buddha

Today’s NYT carried a very good blog post on the six myths surrounding big data. Contrast this with another equally good…

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