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Relationships in a 100 year life: Or why today’s 20 year olds will have 4 ‘marriages’

In my last post, I talked about the 100 year life and why we are mostly unprepared for it. In…

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A 100 year life. And why it changes everything

A few years ago, my friend Rajan Raju made the astonishing assertion that we will all live to be 125….

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Farewell Muhammad Ali: The last global hero

As he goes to his final resting place, let’s look back. On what has been a week of a global…

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Lessons on entrepreneurship from the GoaT

Muhammad Ali meant a lot to me, for reasons I have articulated here. But his passing has touched me beyond…

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My hero, the GoaT is no more. And a part of me is no more too.

Poet. Comedian. Sportsman. Civil rights champion. Fighter for a cause. GoaT. Human being. Muhammad Ali. I first discovered him at…

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A Spectacular Hit

Book Review of The Spectacular Miss by Sonia Bahl Recipe for a spectacular hit Take Bridget Jones. Regress her to…

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Giving: A fresh look through age-old eyes

It is the season of giving. And the season of articles on giving. As I reflect on the world of…

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A Christmas day wish for India: Lessons from three of India’s greatest PMs

Today is not just Christmas, it is the birthday of Atal Behari Vajpayee, one of independent India’s three finest PMs….

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#DataMeetsDesign: the DNA of future corporate success

We live in a world of rapidly exploding tech trends. A big data world. A mobile-first world. The collision of…

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It’s about time: An open letter to PM Modi

Dear Mr Modi It’s about time. For you to shed campaign mode. Ditch the zealots. Hire some big hitters into…

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