Dear Mr Modi

It’s about time.

For you to shed campaign mode. Ditch the zealots. Hire some big hitters into your cabinet.

Shed the victim narrative that your inner circle is foisting on you.

Remember you were India’s biggest winner in 2014. And among the world’s biggest this year.

It’s about time.

For you to show you can actually give India ‘vikas’ and do it ‘sab ke saath’.

To realise you have a window of 24 months at best, before the campaign for your 2nd term starts.

To know that the vast majority of Indians neither hate nor love you. To know that more people than are in your party, the Congress and all the regional parties put together want you to succeed. For their sakes. And for the sake of India.

You had it right last year. Most people don’t give a shit about religion and beef  or caste, they want Vikas. Most of us stand in the middle.

On Diwali day, here are 2 real role models for you.

Not Patel.

Not Gandhi.


And Akbar.

Two victorious kings who conquered all of India, defeated every enemy. And then turned to the enemy within, conquered their own religion and upbringing, reached out and embraced a larger purpose.  A purpose that served all India, and all Indians.

Indians respond to great unifiers. Not polarisers. That is why we loved Atalji. And Nehru. Even when we did not agree with everything they did or said.

Do the right thing. If you can. If you believe. And you will find that most of India will stand with you.

It’s about time.

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