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#DataMeetsDesign: the DNA of future corporate success

We live in a world of rapidly exploding tech trends. A big data world. A mobile-first world. The collision of…

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It’s about time: An open letter to PM Modi

Dear Mr Modi It’s about time. For you to shed campaign mode. Ditch the zealots. Hire some big hitters into…

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The trajectory of hope-despair: lessons from America

Despair and the dying (literally) of the white middle class is all the news in America. A new paper by…

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Where’s the beef, Prime Minister Modi?

As I observe the early counting results of Bihar, I can see the reactions of the two big camps in…

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Narendra Modi: The One, or Not The One

This is the first of two blog posts on the subject of Narendra Modi, that arose as a direct result…

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The Age of the Cockroach

I read an article, The Age of the Cockroach, on Medium and found myself completely agreeing with it. In fact,…

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Two powerful concepts that define today’s new consumer: Influence Mix and Choice Equation

Today, there’s a lot of buzz around a few words. Data: the big, the small, the relevant. Social media, contextual…

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The death of search and the rise of choice engines

Some 16 odd years ago, Google made search engines famous and ubiquitous. It’s sell-by date has come. Think about it….

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How does a Choice Engine overcome the choice problems?

In my last post, we discussed the growing need for a new kind of Choice Engine to solve the defining…

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Search vs Choice – A new type of engine for a new kind of age!

15 years ago, the defining problem of the Internet age was how I find the information I need? This gave…

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